From one page sites to the worlds first mobile sitebuilder, I’ve spent years designing and building products of varying sizes. Here’s a small selection of some of my recent projects and experiences.

Go Connect: Bookings

An online booking system for in-person or online appointments, designed to work standalone or alongside BaseKit Sitebuilder.

During this year-long project, I worked on every stage from conception, wireframing, IA mapping, prototyping, detailed mockups through development and launch.


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Design Vault

A curated library of screenshots & interaction patterns from the world's best digital products. Gain insights, explore trends and understand competitors and best practices.

BaseKit Onboarding

An onboarding flow for the BaseKit sitebuilder designed to provide custom content and images for small business owners so they have an inspirational starting point they can use to quickly start building their website.

Additionally, the onboarding flow captures the small business owners intent for their online presence so the correct features and tutorials can be presented to them at relevant times in the product.

Go Connect: Dashboard

A dashboard designed to unify a number of BaseKit products and provide a valuable landing space for business owners to see vital, contextual information and next actions for their online presence.

Go Sitebuilder

A sitebuilder designed around simplicity, allowing small business owners to create an online presence with minimal effort and with no technical knowledge required.

While at BaseKit I designed 3 major versions of the sitebuilder including the worlds first fully functional mobile website builder that ended up influencing the likes of other big players in the sitebuilder market.

BaseKit Commerce

A simple commerce system and extension to the BaseKit sitebuilder designed to allow small businesses to quickly get set up to sell products online.

During my time at BaseKit I designed the commerce platform and many incremental improvements to the UX over its lifespan.


Significant projects I worked on that are now retired.
Atlas Codex

A widely used discoveries database and companion web-app for No Man’s Sky, the science fiction space exploration game.

Uno for Ghost

A minimal, customisable, open-source theme for Ghost used by thousands.


A local guide and news website for my hometown, Bristol.